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Approaching a licensing deal need not be a daunting experience. At JWMH, our clients trust us to ensure they get the best deals for their inventions, while never compromising on the inventor's rights. Our attorneys are not only seasoned in the art of negotiation, but also have a deep appreciation for the technical underpinnings of your intellectual property. The result of this combination is a value proposition unmatched by any other IP law firm. Our commitment to our clients does not end when a patent is granted or a licensing deal is signed. JWMH is dedicated to serving your IP goals into the post-grant phase and beyond. In our world, your long-term success is our primary objective. 

Additional Offerings

  • Domestic Licensing Agreements
  • International Licensing Agreements
  • Comprehensive Claim Charts & Patent Analytics
  • Portfolio Management & Analysis
  • Patent Post-Grant Reviews / Proceedings
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